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Today Is Draft Day For The NBA

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All the rumors and hype ends tonight when the 2010 NBA drafting takes place. The teams in numbers 1 to 10 spot for the drafting are: Washington, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Minnesota, then Sacramento, Golden State, Detroit, Los Angeles, Clippers, Utah and lastly Indiana. For the top 3 pics, the fans expect John Wall the golden boy to be chosen fast by the Wizards. It is expected that Evan Turner goes to Philly and Derrick Favors possibly to New Jersey.

Utah got the 9th spot which is good to be at for a team that finished constantly in the play-offs. They were looking at drafting some terrific players like Al-FarouqAminu, Xavier Henry, Luke Babbitt and Gordon Hayward, but may just hold back and get a big man instead. If that pushes thru this year, they have a lot to select from. The Jazz would no doubt love to enlist Greg Monroe as power forward because he has shown the skills that will be a good fit for Utah team. Ed Davis, another power forward out of North Carolina will be an asset for Jazz. Whoever the team ends up with when the players are called out tonight, Jazz is hoping they could add someone on their roster that will be a great help for their team.

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