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Tom Brady Claims Top NFL Spot

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You just have to look at Tom Brady to know how to become number 1 in the National Football League. He is New England’s Patriot quarterback. He is one of the most wanted athletes winning the best player award with a unanimous vote of 50 participating media members of this organization. It is the first time in history that this happened.

This is the second time Brady won the MVP award. The first time was in 2007 for his outstanding performance of which he got 49 out of 50 votes. He surpassed the performance of the other athletes in the league and led his Patriot team to win 14-2 this season. Peyton Manning is also another player who won 2 MVP awards for the Indianapolis Colts. In the recent season, Manning played 31 touchdowns but was out performed by Brady who threw 36.

Overall, the leader for touchdown passes is Brett Favre who threw 504 touchdowns compared to Peyton’s 366 and Tom Brady’s 197. You have to remember that Brady has played for 11 years with the league while Peyton played for 14 and Brett for 20 years.

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