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Tom Brady’s Right Boot – More Patriot Trickery?

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Ever since Tom Brady made that notorious noon time stroll wearing a less than fashionable boot on his right foot, there were several players, fans and analysts speculating his participation in the coming Super Bowl. A lot claims that he will not be able to play his best due to his mobility limited by his injury. Others say Brady is faking it, attempting to make the Giants feel a false sense of calm before the big game.

Belichick resorted to cheating during the start of the season. So the Patriots cannot risk having Brady off the field the week before this year’s biggest game. Brady went thru this before. He won 3 Super Bowl rings without resorting to trickery and mind games. So why will he do that now? Why not just allow Brady and the rest of the Patriots ranking 18-0 lose like they have all season?

Apparently, Brady’s injury is real. It is risky to put a sub-performing Tom Brady in the winner-take-all game. This rhythm is thrown off without any practice for a week. Having a quarterback who is so out of rhythm will make a big difference between a historic 18-1 season and a 4th Super Bowl ring. There’s too many people riding this game for Belichick and company to make a stupid prank like that. In my opinion, why the Patriots is keeping Brady’s injury a secret is to ensure the Giants don’t find find out the kind of injury he has. You wouldn’t want the rival to know what part of Brady to hit so he couldn’t get back up.

One thing for sure Brady has an injury. But no one is sure what it is exactly. Another thing for sure is that Tom Brady will be playing this Sunday at the Super Bowl. Though he will be hobbling, the Giants must be worried about how to stop the Patriot’s offense than focusing on Brady’s injury.

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