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Tom Brady’s Right Boot – More Patriot Trickery?

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Ever since Tom Brady’s infamous mid-day stroll, equipped with a less than fashionable walking boot on his right foot, there has been a countless number of players, fans and analysts all speculating over Brady’s role in the upcoming Super Bowl. Some say that he will not be able to produce his best football as his mobility will be limited by this injury. Others say that Brady is faking, attempting the lull the Giants into a false sense of security before the big game.

Honestly, though, I think those of the latter group are full of it. Yes, Belichick did resort to cheating earlier in the season with his ever-so-shady filming debacle. But do you think the Patriots would really risk not having Brady on the field the week before the biggest game of the year? I doubt it. After all, we are talking about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Brady has been in this situation before. He has won three Super Bowl rings without any of these so-called head games and trickery. So why do it now? Why not just let Brady and the rest of the 18-0 Patriots loose like they have been doing all season?

Something tells me that Brady’s injury is real. The risk of having a sub-par Tom Brady in a winner-take-all game is just too high. Not practicing for a week could throw off his rhythm. And having a quarterback who is out of sync could mean the difference between a 4th Super Bowl ring or an almost historic 18-1 season. Yeah, there is too much riding on this game for Belichick and company to pull a stupid stunt like that. In my opinion, the cloud of secrecy surrounding Brady’s injury is to make sure that the Giants don’t find out what kind of injury Brady is suffering from. I mean, would you want the opposing defensive line to know exactly where to hit Brady to ensure he will not get back up? Neither does Belichick.

The bottom line is Brady has sustained some type of injury. What exactly, nobody knows. But mark my words, Tom Brady will be playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, spreading the ball around the field just like he has done all season. He may be a little hobbled, but the Giants should be concerned with how they are going to stop the potent Patriot offense rather than keying in on Brady’s injury.


Nishan Wilde is VP of Sales for Robbins Sports and Athletics, an online resource for Baseball Uniforms, Track Uniforms and Stopwatches.