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Too Good To Be True?

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The big question that everybody has been asking is if it is possible to achieve a well sculpted body without cardio-vascular exercises? Throughout time, people were informed that the only way to lose fats and inches is to do cardio exercises everyday.

Some of the best physical activities for this undertaking include running, walking, and cycling. You can only play a game of basketball with some friends and lose weight. A few rounds of boxing will also do the trick.

What else can cardio exercises can do? First of all, it promotes better blood flow. This makes all of the body parts function properly. It also distributes oxygen equally. It also helps reduce the chances of heart ailments from happening. It has the ability to prevent diabetes mellitus from developing. There requirement for this of exercise is at least 30 minutes per day.

However, the question is that will it be able to help a person achieve a well sculpted body. The answer to this is YES. Now that you know what cardio exercises can do, it is impossible to get toned muscles without the help of any of these physical activities.

In fact when weight training and cardio activities are done in combination, the required amount is only three minutes. Some people may think that three minutes is too short. However, there are two secrets in making this an effective move.

The first is to start each session with a cardio exercise. This will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing to all the muscles and joint you will need to lift heavy weights. The good blood flow will continue throughout your workout. The second secret is to do this exercise on high intensity.

You can also do your routine in this manner. Perform a minute of high intensity cardio. Rest for the next minute and then perform heavy weights for a certain muscle group on the next minute. Rest again for one minute. Do the routine all over again. Do ten cycles of this just make sure to perform a different weight exercise everytime to make sure you hit all the muscle groups.