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Too Much To Do, Too Little Energy

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It seems that a large majority of people fall into this category of having too many responsibilities and too little energy (and time) to take care of all of them. While there are likely a number of reasons for this, including a struggling economy, it behooves us to find a way to accomplish the tasks that are necessary and finding the strength to get us through. We jeopardize our health when we get too little sleep and not enough “down time”. Many experts feels that overall, Americans are suffering from deep fatigue. They caution that you can’t keep taking from a well that you don’t replenish. So what can be done to remedy this growing concern? Besides making it a high priority to get enough sleep, one can and should commit to making some force of exercise another priority item. That doesn’t mean that you have to pack the gym bag and head off for a lengthy workout. It does mean, however, that you need to keep moving. If you have stairs in your home, take five minutes and go up and down them as many times as you can. No stairs? How about running in place to some music for ten minutes before getting dressed for the day. Try to fit in a few minutes for some stretching which will help keep you limber and if possible lift some light weights for another couple of minutes to help keep you toned. You can get each day started off right by just taking a minimal amount of time to take care of your body.