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Top 10 Reasons to Avoid the Mall this Holiday Season

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1. TRAFFIC – At a time everybody is on the road and everybody is in a rush, just when you have to follow Mother Nature.

2. PARKING SPACE– There is just one free space to park but someone already beat you to it.

3. PEOPLE – There’s so many people in the mall that you feel like you just got mauled when you mixed with them in the crowd.

4. FOOD- You pay twice for the amount of the most unhealthy food you’ve ever eaten.

5. THIEVES – Where there are so much money and credit cards, the thieves are also there.

6. KIOSK ATTENDANT- Will it be a bad thing if we just kept our eyes down and imagine you did not hear the customer?

7. PRICES – All the offers sound like a good bargain when all that you want is just finish what is on your list then go home!

8. MALL WALKERS-It is a strange place to get exercise so just stay off the fast lane.

9. TEENAGERS- At this age, the teenagers wants all the attention.

10. TIME- All of us feel there is not enough time and we just need to manage it better. Make your life simple. Spend time with your loved ones. And make all the holidays memorable.

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