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Top 10 Reasons to Avoid the Mall this Holiday Season

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1. TRAFFIC – Everyone’s on the road, everyone’s in a hurry, and Mother Nature’s water just broke.

2. PARKING – Not a single open spot. Pull over, wait, watch…   Now!  Oh, just missed it.

3. PEOPLE – Frustrated, frowning and feeling… you got it -  ‘mauled’.

4. FOOD – Pay twice the price for the most unhealthy food on earth. You will.

5. CROOKS – Cash and cards everywhere. Even thieves work overtime.

6. KIOSK ATTENDANTS – Is it rude to keep your eyes down and pretend you didn’t hear them?

7. PRICES – Everything sounds like a bargain when all you want to do is finish your list and go home!

8. MALL WALKERS – Odd place for exercise. Just stay out of their fast lane.

9. TEENS – At that age, getting attention is the name of the game. You remember.

10. TIME – None of us has enough, and most of us need to manage it better. Simplify your life. Spend your time with those you love. Make the holidays memorable this year!

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