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Top 5 2008 NBA MVP Hopefuls

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Upon reviewing the current NBA roster, there are no longer players like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabaar who reigned the league with no competition at all. Nowadays, with several quality players, any 20 to 30 NBA players may win this year’s MVP.

While many will claim that Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant or Steve Nash are surely the front runners, there are several new comers who are just as good as they are. The following list of 5 players are not the top picks for MVP but their teams will surely suffer without them.

1. Chris Paul

This point guard who is in his third year with the team is very valuable. The Hornet’s best season so far is the 2008 and their success is due to Chris Paul. He averaged 20 points and 10 assists per game. He led the team to a 12-7 record. Without Chris Paul in the roster, the Hornets line up is pathetic.

2. Shawn Marion

If you play the same team with Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire, the spotlight will rarely shine on you. He is a better player than both of them. He could score points, gets blocks and does rebounds. His defense is impeccable. That’s why he’s called the Matrix. Without him, the Suns will not qualify for an NBA title.

3. Deron Williams

Jazz lost John Stockton the team and fans were devastated. But Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer entered. They’re not great players like Karl Malone or John Stockton but they’re almost there. So far, their tandem as point guard /power forward is the best so far in the NBA. Williams show an average of 20 points and 9 assists per game. He has the attitude and swagger that makes him a team asset.

4. Marcus Camby

Marcus Camby is a consistent candidate for defense player of the year and has a great influence on the Nuggets. Camby is unappreciated and important for the success of Denver. Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony are great players but very averse when it comes to doing defense plays. Without Camby, Nuggets will just settle for scores that just go over a hundred every night.

5. Stephen Jackson

Though he is notorious for fighting with fans and having a few brawls, he is an asset to the team. The Warriors started this year’s season with 0-6. When Stephen Jackson’s suspension was over, the team started playing like they did when they defeated the Mavs. Though their leader is Baron Davis, Jackson provides the little motivation that gets the team over the obstacles. He could score and is a great defense player. He could guard the point, the 2 spot and small forward. No other player could do that. The ability to defend and score are the best qualities he has. Another is his bottomless energy. Teams with a lot of energy and emotion often defeat teams with more talent. He is really the reason why the Warriors are doing better.

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