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Top Workouts For Best Results

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Remember the days when the step was so popular. It was a big draw at gyms throughout the country and classes were offered so you could get the best possible results. You could adjust the step and have it ten or so inches off the ground or as high as 18 inches. It proved a bit too strenuous for a good many people who preferred doing their exercises at ground level. The “step” has lost popularity but it did provide a great workout for the gluteous maximus muscles. Now there is something new on the workout scene that gives the same great results: the plyo box. These boxes are typically 6 inches high and when used correctly increase the intensity of one’s workout a significant amount. These boxes can be used to strengthen butt and leg muscles as well as shoulder, tricep and abs. Anything one can do to increase the intensity of their workout and in turn, the results of that workout might be worth trying out.