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Tour de France Ends, Contador Reigns

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The Tour de France has concluded and for the third time Alberto Contador won again. The Spaniard held tight on the lead during the last stages of the race despite the full effort of his challenger Luxemborg’s Andy Schleck.

Lance Armstrong was watching from the crowd and he congratulated the winner in the yellow jersey. It was as if he passed the baton to the reigning champion. Lance had finished as 23rd in the race and showed a poorer performance compared to last year’s 3rd place. Armstrong does not regret the outcome of the final race of his career and even said that the obstacles he encountered in this year’s race will not make a mark on his memories.

Sadly, he is still undergoing investigation regarding fraud and drug use. The outcome of his legal issues still remain uncertain but it is clear that he made a big contribution to the world of cycling and that legacy will not change.

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