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Tour de France Winner Emerges

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The Tour de France attracts so many cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. This is the apex of cycling. This is the 99th year of this prestigious event. Wearing his trusty cycling jersey, Great Britains’ Bradley Wiggins won this years’ race last Sunday. The 23 year old is the first British to win it all since the race began.

He took the podium with so much pride and happiness. His countrymen were one with him too. Aside from this, Wiggins is also expected to win in the summer Olympics.

From day one, he was the installed as the top dog. He did his very best from start to finish. However, it is not fair to say that he was left unchallenged. Throughout the tour he was tested by the other cyclists.

So for 2,100 miles, he fought hard and tough and weathered all of the tests that both cyclists and the trails had to offer.