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Trouble Ahead For Jazz?

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The Jazz just may find themselves with quite a dilemma as events in the next few days unfold in regard to the free agent market in the NBA. While not everyone in the valley is a big Carlos Boozer fan, most people recognize that the team needs him – or if not him – then another big, wide body that can make shots and get rebounds. Granted, it is too early to have formed much of an opinion about the recent draft choice, Gordon Hayward, as far as how he fits into the team chemistry and the extent of his capabilities. He may well turn out to be a great scorer and a great defensive player (we can only hope) but one thing he is not, is a big presence in the middle. Isn’t that what everyone has been saying that the Jazz need to really compete with the best teams? The Jazz brass have stressed that it is jobe number one to try to keep Boozer here. That seems doubtful, but even if they should convince him to stay in a Jazz uniform, how much is it going to cost the franchise? Would there be enough money left to hang onto some of the talented players who have become free agents this summer like Wesley Matthews and Kyle Korver? If they get lucrative offers from other teams (very possible) and clean out their lockers in the Jazz dressing room, where does that leave the team? It seems that the goal is to improve the team a bit year after year but one has to wonder if they Jazz will be as strong as they were at the start of the 2010-2011 season.

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