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Trouble Ahead For Jazz?

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Jazz is in a dilemma these past few days regarding the freelance market of the NBA. Not everyone is a huge Carlos Boozer fan, but everyone recognizes that the team needs his talent. If not him, then they need another player who is has a huge body, could get rebounds and make shots.

It may be too early to formulate an opinion about the latest draftee Gordon Hayward, about how he fits with the team chemistry and the limits of his abilities. He might become a great scorer and defense player. But the one thing that he is not is a huge presence in the middle. Everyone seems to be saying that Jazz needs to compete with the other best teams. In order to become number 1, the Jazz team has to keep Boozer. It is almost impossible to keep him wearing their uniform because they might not even be able to afford him. There might not be enough money left to pay off the other talented players who became freelancers over the summer such as Kyle Korver and Wesley Matthews. What if they were offered more lucrative deals by the other teams and they decide to leave, what would be the Jazz team standing? It seems that their goal is to enhance the team every year but will that make the Jazz as strong as they were back at the start of the 2010-2011 season?

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