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Ulitmate Frisbee

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Ultimate is a fun, energetic game. I don’t play it that often, but I enjoy it enough that I love to play it whenever I have the opportunity. If you don’t know how it is played, it is much like football. Two opposing teams start out on opposite ends of a playing field. One team throws the Frisbee as far down the field as possible to the receiving team, which then tries to get the Frisbee to the other end of the field. When you catch the Frisbee, you are only allowed one or two steps (if any). You have to stay where you caught it and then pass it to a teammate. If the Frisbee is dropped, it automatically is passed to the other team. An opposing player can either intercept the Frisbee or hit it to the ground to turn it over. You can hit the Frisbee out of a player’s hand, but you cannot hit the hand or arm of the person throwing it.


It is a fairly simple game and does not require a vast amount of ability, which makes it fun for so many although, it can be played on higher levels for a competitive sport. I have seen great skill from some who can throw a Frisbee in amazing ways, in complete accuracy, and in great distances. It is fast-paced since there is no stopping until a score is made and sometimes the Frisbee switches possession fast enough that you find yourself running back and forth constantly. However, you can slow down too- it depends on the people you are playing with. You can run as much as you want, jog a little to catch your breath, or find a few moments to stand or walk, but try to keep up with the players around you! Playing man-to-man can be a great strategy.


I played a few nights ago for the first time in a couple of months. On a long pass down to the “end zone” one of my fellow teammates who was sprinting, dove for the Frisbee to barely snatch it in his hands before hitting the ground and skidding to make a score. It is plays such as this that create the most fun and memories out of the game.


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