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Ulitmate Frisbee

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Though I don’t play it that often, Ultimate Frisbee is a fun and energetic game. I play it when I have the chance. It is played like football. There are two rival teams starting out at both ends of a playing field. One team throws the Frisbee in the field as far as possible to the receiving team who will then try to catch the Frisbee on the other end of the field. Once you catch the Frisbee, you are allowed to take one or two steps. Then you have to stay right in your place where you caught the Frisbee before passing it on to a teammate. If you drop the Frisbee, it goes automatically to the other team. The rival player could intercept the Frisbee or hit it towards the ground so it could be turned over. You could hit the Frisbee off the player’s hand but you should not touch the arm or hand of the person throwing it.

It’s a very simple game and will not require too much skill. That makes it fun for several people but it can also be played as a competitive sport. There are some people who can throw a Frisbee to great distances and in several amazing ways with great accuracy. It is a fast-paced game that doesn’t stop until a score has been made. Sometimes, the Frisbee will change its possession so fast that you will have to keep running to and fro constantly. Depending on the people you are playing with, you can always slow down the pace. You can do a lot of running or jog just to catch your breath. You can stand or walk for a few moments, but you will have to catch up with the players around you. Playing one-on-one is also a great strategy.

A few nights ago, I played the game for the first time after several months. One of my teammates was sprinting so he could catch a long pass towards the end zone before it hit the ground and made a score. The game creates so many fun memories.

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