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Unselfish Jazz Get The Win

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Perhaps there were a lot of folks that were a bit worried about how game 3 between the Jazz and the Denver Nuggets would go. The feeling was that the Nuggets were going to come out strong and with a vengence against the injury-ridden Jazz who beat them on their home court in game 2. Would the Jazz be able to keep up the same intensity that gave them the win a couple of days ago? As it turned out, oh yes, they sure did keep up the intensity. Once again, Deron Wiilliams played like the true champion that he is and the rest of the team followed suit. Boozer had a slower than usual outing but still ended up with 18 points and Paul Millsap made up the difference. He went 9 for 9 before ever missing a shot and ended up with 18 rebounds for the night. Stellar!! The final score was 105-93 with the Jazz on the winning end. Hopefully, this win will silence the naysayers (myself included I have to admit). They have done it twice now and the hope is alive that they can do it again when the two teams might tomorrow night for game 4. Stay tuned!

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