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Updated: 2008 Summer Olympics Mens Basketball Qualifiers

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For basketball players around the world, next week is an important and exciting event. It is this time that the last 3 teams to play in the Men’s Basketball tournament will be decided on. They will be participating in the Beijing Olympics.

The following teams will be competing in the FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Men, to be held in Athens, Greece are: Cape Verde, Cameroon, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Canada, Korea, Lebanon, Greece, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia and New Zealand.

The teams will be divided into 4 groups with 3 teams each. Group A includes Brazil, Lebanon and Greece. Group B includes Cape Verde, New Zealand and Germany. Group C includes Korea, Slovenia and Canada. Group D has Croatia, Cameroon and Puerto Rico.

Every team plays both of the other teams in the same group. The team that wins is given 2 point while the loser only gets 1 point. The top 2 teams of every group advances to a single elimination tournament.

The two winning teams in the semifinals of the tournament move forward to the Olympics. The two teams losing in the semifinals play against each other and the winner gets the third spot to the Olympics.

The 3 teams advancing to the qualifying tournament joins Angola, Argentina, USA, Iran, Russia, Australia, Lithuania, Spain and China for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Men’s Basketball tournament. The 3 teams that joining the tournament are Greece, Croatia, and Germany!!

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