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U.S. Open Championship Contention Nears Finish Line

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After two more rounds the 2010 U.S. Open Championship will become history. Unfortunately, once again, the U.S. men did not make it to this point in the competition. This is settling a troubling trend for the men who before last year had always been present at least up until the quarterfinals. Venus Williams is the only woman left to represent her country and it’s hopes for a win. She came in as the number three seed who had not won a U.S. Open title in the last nine years. Even with a bad knee which kept her from playing in any matches in the preceeding two months before the U.S. Open got under way, Venus has been managing to get the job done. She beat the French Open champion, Francesca Schiavone, in her last outing and will now move on to the semi-finals where she will be matched up with Belgian, Kim Clijsters.

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