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USA Triumphs In World Cup

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Recently, euphoria reigned among the players making up Team USA after their dominating victory over Serbia with a score of 129-92. While all of the USA teammates were jubilant there was one in particular who cherished the moment. Kyrie Irving was not only soaking up the victory for himself but also expressed his delight that he dear friend Paul George would also be receiving a medal as part of the team even though he did not play. An injury which occurred six weeks earlier rendered him unable to compete even though he had been chosen to participate. Obviously this was a great disappointment not only for George but for those close friends and teammates of his as well. Team coach, Mike Krzyzewski, no doubt enjoyed witnessing the camaraderie of his team as well as their convincing win.
As a result of this win, Team USA is automatically qualified for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and will not have to participate in qualifying FIBA summer tournaments. This win represented the second time in a row that Team USA has come home with gold.