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USA Triumphs In World Cup

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Team USA is euphoric about their victory over Serbia winning with a 129-92 score. While the rest of the USA team were celebrating, there is one person in particular who absolutely treasured the moment. Kyrie Irving was enjoying the victory not only for himself but also for his close friend and teammate Paul George. Paul will also receive a medal even if he was unable to play.

Six weeks prior, Paul was injured that is why he was unable to participate even if he was chosen to play in the games. Paul and his teammates were very disappointed. The coach, Mike Krzyzewski, enjoyed watching his team win and the solidarity of their camaraderie.

As a result, Team USA does not have to attend the qualifying rounds in the FIBA summer tournament. They are automatically qualified for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. This back to back win represents the second time Team USA has brought home the gold.