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Utah Battles Golden State Warriors For Win

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Last night, Jazz had a big win against the Golden State. The play-offs is such a tight race and it was essential for Jazz to win their victory. They badly needed another win tonight versus the Phoenix suns.

The game tonight to be held at the Energy Solutions Area looks very promising because of their huge win versus Denver last night. That put them on equal footing with Jazz. The 103-94 victory of Jazz over Golden State was not for sure at all. The Warriors matched up with Jazz head to head until in the third quarter, Utah sprung ahead and maintained their lead until the game ended.

Deron struggled early in the game missing all this shots and getting fouled. But CJ stepped up and so did Paul Millsap who ended with 24 rebounds, his career all time high. With last night’s win, Jazz now had a road record of 21-20 this season which they have not achieved in the past 8 years.

Carlos Boozer left the arena while playing against the Warriors 11 minutes into the game. He endured a sprained chest muscle and there is no decision yet if he would be allowed to play tonight. Jazz fans are hopeful he could because his skills will be needed if Utah wants to win tonight. This game will determine who will play in the post season and if it will be a home court advantage.

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