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Utah Jazz, Half a Season Gone, Half a Season To Go

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We are halfway thru the 2009-2010 season and unfortunately, we have not achieved the standing we wanted to be in. The 4-game winning streak Jazz enjoyed came to a halt when they were defeated by the Nuggets led by their energetic leader Carmello Anthony.

Anthony used his head to gain 37 points and win against a team who had the disadvantage of getting just half the free throws of the Nuggets. Jazz now lost all 3 games they played versus Denver this season. They came into the game just 2.5 games behind this division leader. On Feb. 6 they will match up with the Nugget one last time in the regular season play. Whatever the result of the game will be irrelevant because the tiebreaker has been broken. Right now the team stands at 23-18.

Sadly, the Jazz performs as if they are two different teams. They are in fighting form at the Energy Solutions Arena and completely different when on the road. With around 20 games still left on the road play, it doesn’t look good for them.