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Utah Jazz Recruit Pint-Size Player

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The newest member of the Utah Jazz, five year old JP Gibson proved to be a stand-out on his one-time appearance Tuesday night. Hoisted high into the air by Rudy Gobert young JP claimed his victory at the opponents backboard and dropped in the ball for 2 points. The crowd gave heartfelt applause to this little fellow who has been battling cancer a good share of his young life. JP suited up in the traditional dark green and yellow Jazz basketball uniform with a number one and his last name on the back. Fans found something else to love besides just plain basketball last night as they witnessed the sheer joy JP was experiencing. New Jazz coach, Quinn Snyder congratulated JP and announced that the young free agent was “over the top”.
It was the perfect pre season game which combined nice performances by the Jazz squad in addition to the heart-warming welcome extended to JP Gibson.