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Utah Jazz – The Beat Goes On

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Last Saturday night, both players Chauncey Billups and Carmello Anthony were not included in the game when Nuggets matched up with Jazz. According to former coach Tom Nissalke, Denver is still a topnotch team and they still will make the play-off games even if Billups and Anthony were not on the team roster permanently. Right now, Nuggets hold the second top spot in the Western Conference standings and they defeated Los Angeles Lakers which is in the number 1 spot in Friday night’s game. They entered the Energy Solutions Arena full of confidence that they will beat Utah Jazz. They lost the game however, on the night Andrei Kirilenko the former all-star player and together with Deron Williams both contributed 22 points to finalize Jazz’s win.

It seems Jazz is all fired-up with is good news for their fans. It’s fun to see the team enjoy playing while sending home their opponents empty handed. Their win was a team effort for this ongoing 8 game winning streak. Carlos Boozer gave 19 points, 13 rebounds together with CJ Mile’s 12 points and 4 assists and Paul Millsap’s 16 points, 6 rebounds.

Jazz needed to win Saturday’s game to avoid being sent out by the Nuggets who already defeated them thrice before. If Jazz continues working together they way they did these past few weeks and Kirilenko continues this high level of play then chances are they would win more games.