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Valuable Tips For Parents Of Cheerleaders

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Recently, I received a response to a blog that was very relevant that it needed to be shared. I wrote about cheerleading and the dangers that came with the sport. The response to that post gave some important information for parent who have kids that wish to practice cheerleading. The information below was given by an executive director of the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators. It emphasizes the need for parents’ involvement in their kid’s activities.

Here are some suggestions to minimize accidents and risks:

1. Be honest about the ability of your kids. Sadly, some parent push the kids beyond their limits to perform and the results are damaging.

2. Don’t push the kids to take risks. This is a logical choice for parents. Several accidents happened in different sports because the parents pressure the kid to excel in areas that they are not prepared for. Parents should be the primary booster but they should also let the child decide what he is capable of and what they are comfortable doing.

3. Make sure you have a qualified and educated coach. A coach is required in certain sport. Don’t assume the coach is qualified, it’s your job to find out.

4. Lastly, make sure the program your child is involved with has the right balance of practice, athletic training and leadership instruction. Be aware if the program includes training for emergency plans.

These suggestions are very helpful for parents who have children who want to engage in cheerleading. This could be a very advantageous and exciting activity as long as it has its proper safety procedures so that the risks associated with the sport could be reduced significantly. We give proper credit to AACCA for sharing this important information.

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