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Volleyball Basics

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I love volleyball and I love to get together with friends and play.  Often, when we get together, we have a few people who have either never played before or haven’t played very much.  The nice thing about volleyball is it can be a lot of fun and you don’t need a whole lot of skill or playing time to just have fun.  Here are just a few helpful hints to give you a nice start if you are not very familiar with the sport:

1) When you are bumping the ball, do not interlock your fingers.  That can really hurt yourself and the ball won’t go in the direction you want it to.  Instead, make one hand into a fist and place your other hand around it where both of your thumbs are side-by-side on top facing out in front of you.  I also see a lot of people trying to slap the ball with their hands flat.  That is not usually very effective unless you are spiking it over the net or blocking.

2) As you make contact with the ball when you are bumping it, don’t swing your arms.  To get the ball to go forward instead of backward or straight up, you simply move your arms slightly in the direction you want it to go.  You really don’t even need to move your arms if you are still having trouble with this.  What you don’t want to be doing is swinging your arms.

3)  A good underhand serve should not be too difficult.  Hold the ball in your left hand (assuming you are right-handed).  With your right, turn your arm so your wrist is facing up.  Make a small fist but pull it back so your wrist is what hits the ball.  Then with a gentle, but firm motion, pull your arm back and then forward, hitting the ball out of your hand.  Your right hand should not hit the left hand holding the ball.  It does not work too well to pop the ball up with your left hand and then try hitting it with your right.

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