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Wakeboarding- the New Wave

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Wakeboarding is a sport that recently gained so much fame. It is a combination of skills used in skiing and snowboarding. Wakeboarding allows you to skim around the water and do tricks like water skiing. It’s a bit harder but satisfying.

A wakeboard is similar to a snowboard. It is a single board with a fixed foot binding where the rider has to stand sideways. The wake-boarder is pulled on the water using a rope that is dragged behind a speed boat which churns the water at its back which is called the wake. The wake-boarder has the option to stay in the middle of the wake where the water is friendlier and calmer, or cross over the wake by swinging out and leaning to the side of the boat. There are small waves or turbulence which gives you more challenge in staying upright. Once you have crossed the wake, you could cross back over and using enough force, use the wake to ramp up to either catch air under the board or vault yourself to another wake. These are basic tricks but you could get boats that could create bigger wakes allowing you to create fancier tricks.