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Wakeboarding- the New Wave

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Wakeboarding is a sport that has fairly recently exploded into something popular.  Similar to the difference between snow skiing and snow boarding, a wakeboard offers more freedom to do tricks and skim around on the water than does water skiing.  It’s more work but, more gratifying.  A wakeboard is much like a snow board- a single board with stationary foot bindings where the rider stands sideways.  The wake-boarder is pulled on the water by a rope from the back of a speed boat, which churns a “V” in the water behind it, called the wake.  A wake-boarder can stay in-between the wake where the water is considerably calmer and friendlier, or cross over the wake by leaning and swing out to the side of the boat.  There, you can sometimes find turbulence, or small waves, that give more of a challenge to stay up.  Or, even better, once you have crossed over the wake, you can cross back over and with enough force, use the wake as a ramp to either catch air under your board or vault yourself to the other wake.  These “tricks” are more basic, but you can get boats that specifically create a bigger wake thus allowing bigger tricks.

The best time to hit the lakes would be early in the morning when most visitors are not out yet and the water is still smooth, resembling a mirror.  If you ever have a chance to go wakeboarding, I would highly recommend it as fun for everyone.