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Walking For Maximum Benefits

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Some of us do not find ourselves slipping into a cycling jersey and heading out for a long, demanding ride or hauling the gym bag to the gym for a strenuous workout and yet we still want to stay in shape and try to involve ourselves in physical activity. Many find walking to be right up their ally when it comes to exercise but do not feel that they are getting the kind of results they would like. Luckily, there are some changes that can be made that can substantially increase the benefits of walking. Effective walking as exercise can reduce the risk of many diseases including heart disease which most of us realize is a major threat. Walking is also a highly effective tool against depression and anxiety which affect a large number of people. Many experts agree that walking can have a huge, positive affect on the overall health of an individual along with being a great way to shed unwanted pounds and tone up the body.
There is a reason that many people are not seeing the kind of improvements they’d like even though they are dedicated walkers and that is their speed. Walking can still be enjoyable even though the pace is fairly rigorous. Experts have found a significant difference in the amount of body fat (particularly the hard to lose belly fat) of those who do shorter but faster and more energetic walks than those who take long but more leisurely walks. The fast walking group actually lost up to four times the amount of body fat asd the slower group. This is especially interesting when the findings also conclude that both groups are burning the same amount of calories. Obviously the body responds well to the higher intensity workouts which burns more fat.
Another plus for “power walking” is that it is easier on the joints than running but still results in similar benefits for the body. It is also a physical activity that can (and should) be done throughout one’s life, right into old age. If you have never thought walking to be an adequate form of exercise you may want to reconsider. There are a lot of benefits to be gained.