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Watching The Utah Jazz Is About To Get A Lot Easier

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Watching the NBA games live is very exciting. Seeing all those athletically gifted players do their stuff keep fans on the edge of their seats. Sometimes, it pays to watch in a great arena.

This is what the Utah Jazz aim to do. Since 2001, Energy Solutions Arena had a JumboTron. This makes it easier for fans in the higher seats to view the action on the floor. Unfortunately, a lot of fans had been complaining that the screen size is not big enough. The building is too big and not all watching can get to see it clearly.

The good news is that the arena management has decided to heed the call of the fans. Miller Sports Properties has set aside about $22 million to do some upgrades needed in the venue. Part of the upgrade is a 10 million pixel state of the art LED High Definition scoreboard with video screen.

Measuring 42 feet wide, this is estimated to be seven times better than the one in place currently. It will certainly add more excitement to fans of the Utah Jazz. Those in the farthest seats will have a closer view of what is going on down there. Viewing will certainly be better in the days to come.