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What Are The Chances That The Jazz Can Win?

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The Jazz will be taking the might of the LA Lakers tonight at Staples Center and the question is, what can they do beat the heavily favored Lakers? In terms of their hearts to play the game, there is no question about it and they have proven that despite missing two key players to injuries. However, their opponent has the heart of a Champion. Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, C.J. Miles and Paul Millsap has been giving it all to remain afloat with the powerhouse Lakers. Howevery, Kyle Korver has not been able to find his mark and he has to do it now.

The odds of winning this playoff series against the mighty Lakers is small. In terms of the skills and talent levels, the Lakers have the edge. On paper, the Lakers have the height advantage and they have Kobe Bryant – a player that is ways cut above his contemporaries. Of course, Jazz fans will hate him for being the go-to guy of the Lakers, but you have to admire the fact that he can and he will bring the Lakers to the Promised Land and being crowned the World Champions. Even though the opposing team has one of the greatest player and future hall of famer, do not count the Jazz out yet. Miracles can happen even in the realm of sports. In the past, Jazz fans have seen super human efforts from their players and they may have to dig deep. They may be playing on the turf of the Lakers, but this is not a team that cannot be beaten. The Jazz will have to play perfect basketball at both ends of the floor in order to get the much needed win.

One thing is for sure, when they meet this powerhouse team tonight, expect the hype. Since it will be in LA, expect the crowds to have celebrities watching the basketball action live. Of course, Jazz fans will still send out their support by watching the games on their TV sets and expect some will grace the Staples Center to give their support for the team.

To win and turn the series around in favor of the Jazz, everyone – from the starting five up to the bench players – should execute the game plans designed by the coaching staff. The energy level should be very high not just to match up the Lakers, but to exceed them. There is still a chance, no matter how small it is.

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