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What Are The Chances That The Jazz Can Win?

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As the Jazz hit the floor of the Staples Center tonight to square off against the dominating Los Angeles Lakers, what are the odds that they can pull off a win? If heart counts, they’ve got a lot going in their favor. They have pulled together and performed above what most thought they were capable of in the playoffs so far, especially considering they had lost two of their starting players to injury. Bench players have stepped up and got the job done along with the consistent, terrific play of Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer. C.J. Miles has also contributed significantly, as has Paul Millsap. The expectations many were feeling for Kyle Korver have not been met so far but hopefully they will show up in one of these next games (or better yet, ALL of the rest of the games).

So, back to the odds of them winning. In reality, the chances aren’t great. For one thing, the Lakers are so BIG and can block shots like crazy. Then there’s the fact that they have who many feel is the premier player in the league on their team in Kobe Bryant. You don’t have to like him, but you do have to acknowledge that the guy can play. Even so, don’t count the Jazz out just yet. We have seen some super human efforts on their part from time and time and we may have the opportunity to see some more of that grit and confidence from them. One thing is for certain, when they meet their nemesis tonight there will be a hyped-up, celebrity studded crowd to watch the live action within the arena. but there will also be many thousands glued to their t.v. sets and putting their hopes and faith in the spunky team from Utah.

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