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What Are The Responsibilities Of Youth Coaches?

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Millions of youth around the country don their football jerseys to attend camps handled by the best coaches. Though some of these children’s parents seem to be satisfied with what they have learned from their coaches. Unfortunately, there are some who cannot say the same.

Whenever parents enroll their children in sports camps, they expect them to bring home experiences that would affect their lives. However, the disappointing truth is that some of them develop the feeling of being inferior. This is starting to be a major concern.

The main job of a coach is to inspire the children to do their best in that sport. Part of their responsibilities is to teach them the proper techniques. This is part of the ultimate goal of winning. However, these may not be the best lessons to impart on these youngsters. Winning may be the ultimate goal but the road to achieving this is just as important.

One of the growing concerns of parents is the way some of the children are being maltreated in these camps. They have seen coaches talk down on some of the youngsters instead of enlightening them. If this continues, this will certainly have a negative effect on the kids.

The truth is that kids today already feel so much pressure while they grow up. School work keeps weighing them down and this adds stress. The last they need is someone who can make them feel worse. Coaches in these sports camps should learn not to do this.

Instead, they should take it upon themselves to teach the kids valuable lessons in life that are related to sports. An example of this is honesty. Cheating will always be a bad thing. Honesty will always be a good thing. It does not matter if they win or lose, they need to be honest. Cheating to win is similar to being a thief.

Aside from this, they should also teach them the proper skills to succeed in the sport. It should all start with the basics. From here, all the necessary skills can blossom and may help the kid reach his full potential at some point in his life.

There are only a handful of coaches who do these at this level. They have the capacity to teach and train the children in terms of skill. At the same time, they also acted as their temporary fathers. Some of them even advice the kids to put their studies first.

This is the type of coach that would certainly make a positive impact on kids.