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What Awaits the Jazz In Cleveland?

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Tonight, during the tip off with Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah Jazz fans are wondering what kind of team will show up. Will it be the team which plays with intensity and rhythm versus the New Orleans Hornets? Or will it be the team who came from the back and beat Milwaukee Bucks?

We’re all hoping it’s that second team and also for the game that has a good start from the tip-off. So far the team has been winning a lot of these games but right now the odds are against them. They would need to start early in the game and ride that momentum to the end.

Mehmet Okur is expected to return to Jazz tonight after his long 8 month recovery from his ruptured Achilles tendon. During the first game he only scored 2 points. We have to be considerate that his injury is quite serious so 2 points shouldn’t be so bad. Several people are predicting he won’t be playing for a long time or he won’t be able to make a comeback. For the meantime, his return put Jeremy Evans, the new rookie, on the inactive list. Evans gave the teams a spark of hope with his enthusiastic shooting accuracy. Hopefully, Okur will continue to make an effort to get his game back to normal and give his team the needed help with his position as center.

They need to get it going early in the game and ride on that momentum to the finish. It is expected that Mehmet Okur will again start for the Jazz tonight after recently returning from his 8 month recovery for a ruptured Achilles Tendon. He managed only 2 points on the first game of his return but considering the serious nature of his injury, maybe that isn’t so bad. Many people predicted that he would out for a much longer time or perhaps not be able to return at all. Meanwhile, his return to the line-up puts rookie, Jeremy Evans on the inactive list. Evans provided a much needed spark to the Jazz with his enthusiasm and shooting accuracy. Hopefully, Okur will be able to continue to get his game back and offer some help to his team in the center position.

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