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What Can Boxing Do For You?

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The sport of boxing is not just some new fashionable trend of the moment but rather it is an activity that has been around for hundreds of years. It is, however, enjoying a resurgence of popularity as many are finding it to be a fulfilling and rewarding activity (both physically and mentally) to be involved with. If you are one of the thousands of individuals who are drawn to this sport, there are some things you may be interested in knowing.

Not surprisingly, boxing is a great form of exercise. It combines both aerobic and anaerobic into each workout thereby allowing the participant to receive the benefits from each of these activities. Some of the benefits of aerobic activity would include the ability to breath faster and deeper, an increase of blood flow to muscles and to lungs and the release of endorphins which are naturally occurring pain relievers that promote feelings of well-being. Some of the benefits of anaerobic exercise (without oxygen) are muscle building, fat burning, and the development of a stronger, leaner body. Many individuals who are involved in the training for this sport claim that like no other sport, boxing can lead one to get in the best shape of their entire lives.

A side benefit of this sport is the ability it has to allow one to “get their frustrations” out and to battle stress in a much more effective and productive manner. Considering this and all the other benefits associated with this sport, it is easy to see why so many people are becoming boxing enthusiasts.

Nancy Smith is one of the owners of RobbinsSports.com, an online retailer specializing in basketball backboards and punching dummies.