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What Can BYU Do To Improve Their Dismal Season?

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Several people knew this is the year the BYU football team will be recuperating. The team lost a few great players last season and they anticipate that it will take time to get their new team together. What was not expected is that the two ace quarterback will suffer some injuries towards the end of the season. This has left a freshman quarterback to carry a very heavy load on his shoulders.

After they won the games in the season opener versus Washington, the Cougars lost their last three games consecutively. It is a disappointing statistic for the school of the football team that has been winning for several years suddenly having a losing streak. Both fans and foes are wondering what the coach and staff of Bronco Mendenhall are going to do. Is a miracle going to happen to change all of that?

The latest event that happened that is very upsetting is the termination of Defensive Coordinator Jaime Hill. This left a lot of people scratching heads and wondering what happened. Surely, the Cougar defense had has some problems and so did the offense. Will there be changes in their department too? Mendenhall isn’t committing to any changes or plans for the offense as of the moment.

In the meantime, the numbers have been reported and they are not great. They are terrible. BYU ranks at the bottom for rushing their defensive yardage and in offensive rushing ranks 94th. Obviously, they need to improve and make a lot of changes in their defense but their offense needs fixing as well. But only time will tell when the coaching staff will make these changes happen.

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