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What Can Help The Out-of-Sync Jazz?

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What a frustrating time it has been lately for the Utah Jazz and for all their fans.  It’s gone from shaking our heads in bewilderment, to the point of becoming downright disgusted at how a team with so much talent can play with so little intensity and such apparent disinterest.  Last night was yet another nail in the coffin for this team who show very little signs of life.  The home loss to the New Orleans Hornets marked the fifth loss in the last seven games, including three in a row.  Team leader, Deron Williams notes that the team is just not playing well together right now.  That is a definite understatment.  He suggests that perhaps some of the line-up changes of late have thrown a wrench into the works.  Whatever the problems are, they are taking a toll on the players and the home crowd alike.  C.J. Miles said he feels like the frustration level is as high as it can be among the players.  That sounds ominous.  Meanwhile, a jazz crowd that is used to being completely supportive of their hard working teams of the past are now booing on a regular basis.  Something has got to give.  Someone has got to provide the much needed spark for this ailing team.  Presently their games are downright painful to watch.