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What Constitutes A Sport?

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Health and fitness seems to be the craze the society is into these days. People are doing everything they can to stay in shape. While we talk about exercise, I wonder that makes hobbies different from sports. There are certain activities that are considered sports and others as simple hobbies. Below is a checklist that you can use to determine if the activity is classified as a sport or hobby.

1. You have to break into a sweat.

A hobby is done for leisure. A sport is done to enhance physical fitness. In order for it to qualify as a sport, the activity must require participants that will break into a sweat.

2. It must not be a relaxing, leisurely activity

If you wake up in the morning and the first thought is how you are going to have fun today, most likely you are not engaging in a sport. The sport requires vigorous physical activity. It is not something that will fulfill your need for rest and relaxation. A perfect example is golf. If you choose to walk around a grassy field for 5 hours and choose to refuse the standard golf cart then it is not a sport. If people schedule their vacations around the activity, it is not considered a sport.

3. It involves some risk

If there is no risk of getting hurt then it is not a sport. As mentioned earlier, sports are rigorous and physical. People you compete against are usually physical as well. In sports there is a definite risk affiliated with it.

4. It involves training

When you engage in something that doesn’t need extensive training, it isn’t a sport. Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan spend years preparing for the rigorous hardships of the sports they excelled in. If you play something that will not need training, then it is not a sport.

5. Race, Ball or Competition

If you don’t use a ball, get in a race or some type of competition is not involved, then it is a hobby.

6. International or National Competitions

Activities not involving any international or national competitions or ranking systems, shape or form is just a hobby. The Olympics, World Cup, international and national competitions are set up for sports. When you deal with these events or competitions, the viewers and participants learn who will be the best.

7. Organization

An organization is associated with the sport. If your group simply goes to the backyard and creates a physical activity on your own with self-imposed rules, that is just a hobby. For example is Four Square. This is just a hobby.

A mix of physical activities exists for amusement and physical fitness. However, just because it contains some physical activity doesn’t mean it’s already a sport. Remember that the list mentioned above is not limited, but if your sport meets all the criteria, then it is a hobby.

Nishan Wilde is the VP of Sales at Robbins Sports and Athletics. It is an online seller of Portable Scoreboards, Gym Bags and other forms of Athletic Apparel and Equipment.