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What Does It Take To Be A Derrick Jeter?

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The recent retirement of Yankee shortstop Derrick Jeter has left a lot of people profoundly saddened. Those who are glum about the loss of this legend are not just New York fans but fans throughout the country even those of their most loathed rivals, Boston. Red Sox players, management and fans rose to their feet and gave a thunderous ovation to the Yankee player midfielder who wears number 2 on his jersey. Very, very few people could have brought these two teams together but Derrick Jeter managed to pull it off on the final afternoon of his twenty year career. During his two decade career, Derrick earned his reputation of being respectful to the game and those who played it, in giving his best effort on every occasion and of always playing to win. The Yankee team captain provided a sterling example in a world of sports where that is a rarity. One Boston fan said it simply, Boston fans hate the Yankees but we like Jeter. While this past Sunday was a sad day for sports as Jeter left the dugout as a player for the last time, it was also a powerful reminder of how much influence being a person of integrity and respect can have.