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What Does It Take To Be A Derrick Jeter?

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Millions of people were saddened by the recent retirement of Derrick Jeter, the Yankee shortstop. Not only his New York fans were sad about this, but even rival team Boston Red Sox. The fans and Red Sox players and managers gave a standing ovation to this Yankee player wearing #2 on the back of his jersey.

It is rare for just one person to bring two rival teams together and Derrick Jeter was the only one to achieve that during the last afternoon that ended his 20 year baseball career. Derrick earned a reputation of being respectful to the game and its players. For two decades, he gave his best effort and always played to win. The captain of the Yankees became the perfect example of good sportsmanship in the world of sports.

A Boston fan sums it all. He said the Boston fans may hate the Yankees but they like Jeter. Last Sunday was a sad day for sports fans when Jeter left the dugout for the last time as a player. But he left a lasting reminder that a person with integrity and respect can have a lot of positive influence.