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What Does It Take To Be A Good Basketball Shooter?

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If basketball is your favorite sport then you would want to perform your best. So here are some tips to make you a better player. Being able to shoot the ball is just one component of the game. You have to learn how to play the entire game so you can score points on the scoreboard. If your opponents have to place extra players to guard your team’s good shooters, then that leaves your other teammates free to make the plays.

Form is essential when playing the game regardless if you are shooting from beneath the basketball goal or from 15 feet away. You have to focus on the basket and put your eyes on the goal. Your shooting hand must extend in a straight line to the goal. Have a firm grip and relax your wrists before you release the ball.

There are basic fundamentals players must learn by practicing for several hours to improve their performance. One of the best drills you can do to become an expert shooter is by standing at different points around the basket and trying to make shots several times before changing your position. This drill is more effective if there are two players participating. One can throw the ball and the other can catch its rebound.

Practicing your free throws is important if you want to be the asset of your team. Several times even the greatest NBA teams lose so many points because they fail to shoot at the foul line. Practice your free throws as much as you like to gain the best results as possible. Stand straight and your feet must be a shoulder distance apart. The feet must be pointing forward to the basket and slightly bend your knees. Practice this position until you get comfortable that it feels like second nature each time you prepare to take a shot. Keep the eyes on the basket as you lift your ball a few inches above your waist level. Direct your shot to the basket and a complete flowing shot with your arm. Stretch your shooting arm as much as possible when you release the ball for the shot. Remember that it takes a lot of practice to achieve your proficiency in shooting the ball. Spend all your time practicing so that you can improve your efficiency and technique.