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What Does It Take To Be Successful Coach

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Coaching isn’t a job that just anybody can do. It takes certain skill sets that not everyone seems to have. It also requires a thick skin and rugged determination to successfully guide a team of basketball jersey clad boys and men to victory. In the little league ranks many of the teams have coaches who are fathers to one or more of the team players. Some of these turn out to be pretty terrific coaches while others are notably ill-experienced and ill-equipped to lead a team of young athletes. When it gets to the level of coaching professional teams the competition is stiff and it takes a thoroughbred to make it in this environment. Recently in the NBA there have been a number of coaching changes that have taken place. Ten of the coaches who served during the 2012-2013 season will not be occupying space on the bench this coming year. Larry Drew (Atlanta Hawks), P.J. Calexico (Brooklyn Nets), Mike Dunlap (Charlotte Bobcats), Byron Scott (Cleveland Cavaliers), Lawrence Frank (Detroit Pistons), Vinny Del Negro (Los Angeles Clippers), Jim Boylan (Milwaukee Bucks), Doug Collins (Philadelphia 76ers), Lindsey Hunter (Phoenix Suns), and Keith Smart (Sacramento Kings) have been released from their teams, some by non renewal of contracts, some by out and out firing and in the case of Doug Collins a resignation.
Most people would agree that coaching is a stressful and emotional job. Some handle it with relative calm such as Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, others with a lot of physicality and a barrage of trash talk. Perhaps more important than the level of emotion displayed is the ability a coach has to inspire and motivate his team to perform at their best. It doesn’t hurt to have the ability to “read” the players and gain understanding into what propels them. Coaches who demonstrate that they personally care about their players and that they “have their players back” tend to earn the respect of their teams and are able to assemble a cohesive unit that works well together.
While coaching may not be the easiest career it is certainly one with a lot of benefits and compensations. There tends to be a high degree of turn over from one year to the next so it’s imperative that coaches prove their worth by having winning records if they hope to retain their positions.