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What Does It Take To Be Successful Coach

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Not everyone is born to be a coach. Coaches need to have certain abilities. One of these skills is to be able to come with the best strategies to apply against an opponent. They also must have the ability to handle players of different temperament.

In college tournaments, coaches must also act as fathers to those wearing their teams’ basketball jersey. Their aim is to make everybody work as one to achieve victory. Some of the best coaches are handling teams at this level. The names John Calipari, Rick Pitino, Roy Williams and Mike K are the most famous of all. They have long dominated college basketball with the way they coach their teams.

The National Basketball Association is a different field. In the 2012-2013 season, a lot of coaching changes will be made. Ten of the current lot will not be seen on the benches of their current teams. Keith Smart of the Sacramento Kings, Lindsey Hunter from the Phoenix Suns, Doug Collins of the Sixers, Jim Boylan of the Milwaukee Bucks, Vinny del Negro of the LA Clippers, Lawrence Frank of the Pistons, Byron Scott of the Cavs, Mike Dunlap of Charlotte, Larry Drew of Atlanta and the Nets P.J. Carlesimo will be gone from calling the shots. Most of these coaches have a losing record to show. Coaches stay when they are winning and they lose their jobs if they do not deliver the goods.

Coaches should be able to handle the stress that goes with the job. It is emotionally draining as well. Erik Spoelstra seems to be among the coaches that handle stress very well. Unfortunately, not all coaches are like him. There are those who give in to the stress and anxiety that games bring. The best coaches should be able to handle these situations.

Coaches should not be intimidated by their players, especially those so called superstars. Instead they should lead their players to respect them. In this case, they need to show them that they are in authority. Players follow coaches and coaches tell them what to do. The need to be seen as the authority in the team.