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What does Yao Ming’s Broken Foot Mean for the Rockets?

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In Houston and China, the Rockets fans are shocked to see their franchise go down and end the season with an injury. Yao Ming fractured his foot and this will keep him on the bench for the rest of the season that includes the play offs.

Losing your player to an injury is painful for any team. The Rockets has just risen to gain their position in the playoffs with a winning streak in February. Tracy McGrady is now injury free and is playing at his best. The other members of the team are finally stepping up and giving the support the team badly needed. But then their player from China injured his foot and this made the week really stressful for Houston.

Where does Rockets go from here? What is the impact of Yao’s injury to the team? They need to get up and salvage what they have for the rest of the season. Yao may be gone for a while but they are still a pretty good team. Recently, prior to Yao’s injury together with McGrady and the rest of the team, their performance has improved. However, without Yao, the Rockets won’t be able to beat the other star-studded teams in the lineup. Consequently, they will have to wait another year for a shot at the title. For the rest of the season, they could still try their luck at the playoffs and have some decent games. If their players McGrady, Rafer Alston, Luic Scola and Shane Battier will continue to play at the pace they are going, they could still be proud of what is left for them this season. It may be difficult for Rockets to attempt a rebound right now but all in all the team is still in good shape.

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