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What Good is Hand Grip Training for Anyways?

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When I was in school, I remember in my physical education class one day when we did hand strength testing.  We had this little machine that looked like a gun with a gauge on it.  I later learned that this machine is called a Hand Dynamometer.  The machine worked by gripping the trigger as hard as possible to see how strong my hand grip was.  This is totally pointless I thought to myself.  Who cares about hand grip strength anyways?  That is what people going through rehab test, but I am fine.  Well, to my surprise, I have learned that hand grip training is more that just a rehab training.

Hand strength is very important for wrestlers.  Being quick and powerful with their hands is an important strength for a wrestler.  With their hand strength, they can overpower their opponent.  This also falls over into other fighting athletics such as boxing, martial arts, etc.

For a rock climber, hand strength is also very important.  Rock climbers have to continually be gripping rocks at places that are not very easy to grip.  While upper body strength seems to be the key focus of rock climbers because of the need to pull ones body up, hand strength should not be over looked for climbing athletics.

Aside from athletics, hand strength is important for many other purposes.  Typing on a keyboard for the computer can be very tough on the hands.  Ever notice how many people who work in an office play with one of those stress balls?  That is actually a form of doing hand strength exercise to relieve the stress put on the hands.  Eventually, the hand will become stronger and the need to play with the little squishy ball goes away.

Guitar players also find comfort in hand grip strength.  Guitar players must grip the neck of the guitar at various positions.  After playing the guitar for a while, the hands may begin to hurt due to the awkward positions and stretches that the hand must make.  A good strong hand grip can help guitar players to play longer without feeling discomfort in the hands.

There are many other uses not mentioned here for hand grip training.  It turns out that hand strength is very important.  There are many exercises available to improve hand grip strength.  Some can be as easy as playing with stress balls whiles others can be more difficult, like doing pushups without using the palm of the hand.

Wade Boden is the Artwork Director of Robbins Sports, an online vendor of Hand Dynamometers and Digi-Flex Finger Exercisers.