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What Good is Hand Grip Training for Anyways?

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I remember when I was in school, we did hand strength testing during my physical education class. We had a little machine that resembled a gun with a gauge. This was the Hand Dynamometer. You had to grip the machine’s trigger as hard as you can to see how strong your grip was. I thought the whole thing was pointless and did not care about hand grip strength. It was only later while I was going thru a rehab test did I realize the importance of hand grip training.

Hand strength is essential for wrestlers. It is important for wrestlers to be fast and powerful with their hands. They could overpower opponents with their hands. This is also applicable to other sports like martial arts and boxing.

For rock climbers, they must have continuous strength in gripping rocks at difficult places. While the upper body strength is the main focus of rock climbers, they also need to develop their hand strength especially if they pull up their upper body so that exercise should not be overlooked.

Hand strength is also important for other purposes aside from sports. Typing on computer keyboards is tough on hands. People who play with stress balls is actually performing a form of exercise that strengthens and relieves your hand from stress. Later on the hand is stronger and you the need to play with the squishy balls goes away.

The guitar players also find relief in hand grip strengthening exercises. It provides them relief and strength to play longer on the guitar without feeling discomfort.

There are several uses for hand grip training that are still not mentioned here. As it turns out, hand strength is important for several reasons .

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