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What Has Happened To The “Conference of Champions”?

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Expectations were high for the Pac-12 “Conference of Champions” this year. After all, it was once almost revered among basketball die-hards as the elite conference in the league. That has all changed this year thanks to the lackluster play and unfulfilled expectations of most of the teams in the conference. Just because guys donned the basketball uniforms of formerly great teams such as the Arizona Wildcats and the California Bears it didn’t mean that they were going to play stellar basketball. It has been a most disappointing season to put it mildly. The best teams in the league this year have been Washington and Cal who stand with a record of 14-3 and 13-4 respectively.
Arizona State is a dismal 5-12 with Utah and USC doing even more poorly with records of 3-14 and 1-16 respectively. So what has happened to this league that had appeared so promising? The sad fact is that of these 12 teams, there will likely be only 2, or possibly 3 that make it into the 68-team field of the NCAA play-offs. That is discouraging for the many thousands of fans who had thought the Pac-12 would be the conference to follow this year.