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What is in the Water in Boston?

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Boston is the place for die hard sports fans. Last year, Boston teams of America’s 3 top sports like basketball, baseball and football were all amazing. What’s going on in Boston? Why are all their teams successful? Is there something in their water?

The Boston Red Sox

Boston’s professional baseball team is the Red Sox since 1901. Very new to the league, they made huge impact in 1918 by winning the World Series 4 times. Since then their team went downhill and for several years struggled to become decent. They won their 6th World Series in 2004 and remained prominent ever since. Since the early 2003 their games were always sold out. In 2007, they won another World Series and things are looking great in 2008.

The New England Patriots

Tom Brady,the star quarterback, leads the New England Patriots to their amazing 2007-2008 season. They were close to winning their 5th season in the NFL by winning all their regular season games. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold up to the Superbowl Giants. Though a lot of people accused the Patriots for cheating their first few games, they were able to conclude a remarkable season when the issues were cleared up.

The Boston Celtics

Since Larry Bird retiredin 1992, the Celtics were struggling as a team. The Celtics became the worst team in 2006-2007. They turned around completely in 2007-2008. They had the best record in the league and proceeded to win the NBA playoffs. The team struggled thru the first few playoff rounds, but when the championship rounds came they gave all they’ve got and defeated the Lakers in game 6.

Though I don’t plan to move to Boston, I do admit I am envious of the Boston people. In Utah, we don’t have our own major league baseball or football team. The Utah Jazz is nothing compared to Boston Celtics. Maybe we need to find out what is in their water so that Jazz could pump it up next year.

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