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What is in the Water in Boston?

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It appears that Boston is the place to be for a die-hard sports fan.  In the past year, the Boston based teams in 3 of Americas top sports, baseball, basketball, and football, have been amazing.  So the question is, what are they putting in the water in Boston?  What do they have that has allowed their teams to have amazing seasons in the past year?  While I do not claim that there is something illegal or set up going on there, it is just amazing to me that Boston has been able to dominate the top sports in America.

The Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are the professional baseball team of Boston.  They have been around since 1901.  As a new team to the league, they made a huge impact winning the World Series 4 times by 1918.  They then took a downfall for many years struggling to be a decent team.  In 2004, they won their sixth World Series and have been a prominent team since then.  Their games have sold out since early 2003 and they are now something for Boston fans to be very excited about.  In 2007, they won the World Series again and so far in the 2008 season they seem to be doing fairly well again.

The New England Patriots

Led by star quarterback Tom Brady, the New England Patriots had an amazing season for 2007-2008.  They came so close to pulling off the 5th ever perfect season in the NFL by winning all of the regular season games and going on to win the Superbowl.  Unfortunately for their team, they could not hold up against the Giants in the Superbowl.  While many criticize the Patriots for cheating during the first few games of the season, they still were able to pull off a remarkable season after that was all cleared up. 

The Boston Celtics

Since the retirement of Larry Bird in 1992, the Boston Celtics have struggled to have a good team.  In the 2006-2007 season, the Boston Celtics were the worst team in the league.  They had a horrible record.  In 2007-2008, they turned that around completely.  They had the best record of any team in the league and went on to win the NBA playoffs.  While they struggled somewhat through the first few rounds of the playoffs, when it was time to play in the championship series, they held nothing back and were able to knock out the Lakers in game 6. 

While I don’t plan on moving to Boston anytime soon just to have some good sports teams around me, I must admit that I am jealous of the people of Boston.  Here in Utah, we don’t even have a major league football or baseball team.  The Jazz are alright in basketball, but they can’t compare with the Boston Celtics.  So maybe we just need to figure out what is in the water there and send some of it our way so that the Jazz can pump up the for next year. 


Wade Boden is the Artwork Director for Robbins Sports, an online vendor of basketball uniforms, baseball uniforms, and football uniforms.