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What Is It About Baseball?

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Why is baseball a beloved sport in America for more than 150 years? Since the day it was formed, there has been a growing fan base for this sport. Though there are other sports like football, hockey and basketball that is competing for the audiences’ attention, baseball remains one of the top crowd favorites. Millions of people all over the country watch this popular sport.

During the early day of the sport, baseball was the “national pastime” and some fans treated it like a religion. The game made its way into the hearts of the Americans and it became an essential part of the national culture. Over the years, a huge appetite for the sport developed among the Americans of all ages, income statuses and nationalities. Though the game is still enjoyed by millions of its fans, its popularity is declining because of the other sports like hockey, basketball and football that has divided the nation’s attention. Another reason for its decline is the reported widespread use of steroid among the professional baseball players that has tainted the sport. What was once considered as a wholesome pastime like the American pie is now suffering a tarnished reputation due to scandals.

Baseball used to be the sport of choice of several people but that changed when people started to prefer watching sporting events with higher ticket prices now that they have more disposable income. It seems that baseball attracts a blue collar crowd.

Statistics taken in the past few years show that the interest in baseball has declined in favor of football by 2-1. Despite that, baseball still remains the sport that receives the greatest crowd attendance compare to other sports. This may be due to the long baseball season which spans 7 months as compared to 4 months of football. In the attendance records of 2008, over 78.6 million people attended the baseball games of that year.

Baseball has definitely changed over the years and even took some dives in its popularity. But it still remains the game that was endeared to the people of this country.

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