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What Is It About Boxing?

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Boxing is not just a popular sport. Fans of boxing go wild and crazy when they see two gladiators pummeling each other to the ground. Followers of fighters number in the millions. In fact a good number of followers are now taking up the sport. That is how crazy it is.

The question is why do fans want to go into boxing? There are two main reasons why. First is that it offers a complete exercise for cardio and muscle toning. This is the main reason why more people are putting on their boxing gloves and hitting their punching bags.

The second reason is for self defense. Times have surely become dangerous with more crooks lining up the streets. It is essential for most people to at least know how to defend themselves. Whether they are getting mugged, robbed, or raped, they are equipped with the knowledge on how to throw punches.

The third reason is that it reduces stress. Most people are very busy with their own lives. Work takes a lot of their time. It also causes a lot of stress and anxiety. Those who pack their gym bag and head off to the ring for a session of boxing feel a lot more relaxed and rejuvenated after.