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What Is The Best Work-Out?

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There are many dozens of physical activities to choose from when one is trying to decide on an exercise program. That said, it’s entirely possible that the one that is best suited for you changes over time. At certain times in life it may be that a very intense, strenuous activity would be best suited for you while at other times a more slow-paced or contemplative activity would be preferable. It may even be that some days call for a more arduous workout (such as pulling on your cycling jersey and hitting the hills on your bike for a long and exhausting ride). Another day might be just right for a long solo walk or a leisurely stroll with a friend. Pacing oneself and being in tune with what the body needs is a characteristic of a wise athlete.

Many of us strive to find the workout that will deliver the best results such as calories burned and muscles toned. And perhaps on most days that is the correct choice to make. Most of us, however, have had days when we get up and know right away that mentally we are not ready to strap on the boxing gloves and sweat away the next couple of hours or try to accomplish a 8 minute mile. There is nothing wrong with changing up the workout routine. In fact, recent studies have supported the idea that interval training is perhaps the very most effective type of exercise to do. While the choices are vast when it comes to choosing an exercise program or a sporting activity, it’s
good to be aware of the times when our mental health demands something other than fast-paced and extreme physicality.