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What Is The Role Of A Youth Coach?

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Recently, there had been a series of incidences that involved our young athletes wearing their football uniform. Their lack of discipline makes you wonder if they got the proper training from their youth coach. Which makes you think, what exactly is the role of the youth coach?

You have to give credit to these young individuals who volunteer their time and talents to teach the young ones wearing the symbol of their school like the basketball uniform. These individuals don’t even get paid for their efforts in training the youth which is an admirable thing to do. But are the youth coaches just there to teach the fundamentals and nothing more?

The problem with young athletes is that once they learn the fundamentals, they take it as their responsibility whenever the team wins or losses. This kind of thinking comes about when the coaches would berate the player when they make a mistake. It is either they are belittled or blamed if their team loses. This has a huge impact on a young player emotionally. Though sports can bring tremendous benefits to a person, it also puts the burden of unreasonable expectations on them which destroys their confidence.

A youth coach should be able to develop the right sportsman-like values in their players. They should teach them how to graciously accept defeat, recognize their mistakes and how to do it better in the next game. The coach should develop the best skills and abilities of the player as an individual and use these to complement other players when they are playing together as a team. The coach must teach the players how to coordinate and cooperate with each other so that the victory of a team is recognized as a cumulative effort and a success that is equally shared by everyone.