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What It Takes To Be A Winner

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Recently, I watched a basketball game that taught me a life lesson. I went to the game fully expecting the team to give the visiting squad the run around. After all, the team had strong players, most of them were all-star material. Their coach was a talented and well-respected man who coached them for several years and they enjoyed a long history of success. The game I watched was crucial for the team. It was the last game for the regular season and it will determine if the team will be included in the play-offs.

The team played a great season and earned several wins that they were confident they will get a good position in the play-offs. They just needed to defeat the visiting team in this last game. It was going to be easy because the visiting team had no strong players on their roster, nor did they have a good record in the game. It shouldn’t be a problem right?

Unexpectedly, it was a huge problem. Though my team had a great amount of talent, the other team had more heart, determination and commitment. It was those qualities that made them win.

The results of the game were so disappointing but I realized that my team lacked these traits to become a champion. It played out before my eyes that you did not have to be the fastest, the biggest, strongest or the smartest to get the job done. You have to put your full commitment and determination. You have to believe in yourself and push with all that you’ve got to achieve your goals in sports or in life in general. You have to conquer the mind games they throw your way before winning the actual game. Once you do these, the sky is your limit.

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