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What Makes A Winner?

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One can assume that almost anyone would like to be successful at the things that they do and enjoy. Excelling at these things give people that satisfaction and fulfillment one could only hope for. For all the attempts and practices that people make, they do it for one sole purpose: to be successful. At times, despite putting in the time and effort needed, the results that we get is still not what we wanted. While there are others who appear to not put that much time and hard work into it, yet end up being successful at the things they do. What are the factors that lead up to these kinds of results?

It is agreed that no single factor is responsible but a number of aspects that combined into different sets of outcomes. One of these is the most obvious: physical attributes. Everyone is built a certain way, a different body type for each. If this is to be considered, some body types are naturally made to be best at certain activities more than others. Aside from physical qualities, the mental capacity of a person is also a big factor. The drive that is needed for winning is often overlooked but is actually the most needed of all. The tenacity to get it done and be successful is a trait that beats any other inadequacy one can think of. A good example of this is the story of the tortoise and the hare and how the determination of the tortoise eventually won out over the physical capability of the hare.

The commitment needed to get to your goal is the first step towards achieving it. Being mediocre won't get you to that most desired success. This could apply to almost anything, be it in sports, career, or life in general. A great example to take is the NBA Championships happening now. These athletes in their basketball uniforms need to have that perseverance and grit to come out on top and be crowned as champions. To play through exhaustion and injury could put a damper to their stride but with enough push, their hard work will eventually pay off.

Anyone could hope for the best physical attributes that could give you an advantage towards winning, but what's more important is to be mentally strong that would help get success in any endeavor we engage ourselves in.