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What Makes A Winner?

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It’s a fair assumption that everyone would like to enjoy success. We would all like to do well at the things we attempt. Why is it that while some of us put in the time and effort we do not achieve the kind of results that we would hope to see? Others sometimes appear to put in less effort and yet end up doing well at almost everything they do. Why is this?
Certainly there is no one factor that is completely responsible for this but rather it is usually a combination of many variables. First, we’re all built differently. Some body types are naturally more able to excel at certain things that others. There is also the component of drive which doesn’t always get as much credit as it deserves as an element of winning. Having the tenacity to stick with something until you achieve the success you want can override many deficiencies in other areas. Most of us are familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare and are aware of how the determination of the tortoise won out.
Being committed to a goal is often the first step in achieving it. Lackluster attitudes hamper success. We see this time and time again in sports and in life. Right now the NBA Championships are underway. It is a testimony to the need for determination and drive as we watch the athletes in their various basketball uniforms play through exhaustion and injury.
While it would be wonderful to have all the physical components that would help achieve success, it may be even more desirable to have the mental outlook that would ensure positive outcomes in whatever activity that we engage in.