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What Motivates Great Boxers?

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Professional boxers gain their hard earned reputation by devoting long hours in training. They make it a habit to run daily and spend hours punching the punching bag. Several boxers go take intriguing diets, eating strange things like raw eggs to gain nutrition and an extra boost for their immune system.

What is it that demands so much of their personal dedication? Though situations may differ for every individual, they have a common driving force that propels them to devote much of their time to training and a boundless energy in perfecting their sport.

When Mike Tyson was a young boy, he was constantly bullied for being fat. His deep insecurities drove him to indulge in a sport where he could dominate and excel. Though you won’t like the behavior he demonstrated that led to his downfall, it is hard to overlook his brilliance as a professional boxer.

James Toney is currently a shining star as a boxer, but he grew up in a ghetto after being abandoned at the age of 3 by his father. His misfortunes when he was young drove him to find his niche in boxing. He became one of the most intimidating and feared boxers of all time.

Not all boxing greats grew up in challenging and dire situations. Cassius Clay or more popularly known as Mohammed Ali grew up with hard working parents and had a loving family. At a young age he already had a strong spirit and was a perfectionist that led him to boxing. His amount of training and practice is undefeated. He did however dealt with racial discrimination during his time. Even after winning 100 matches during his amateur career he was refused service in a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky his hometown. This injustice just drove him to work harder and achieve his stature.

It obviously shows that in boxing and like in any other sport, one should have the determination and the strong will to achieve success at all costs if they want to reach the top of their career. The greatest attribute of any great athlete is undoubtedly their powerful sense of ambition and determination.

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