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What Really Works For Getting In Better Shape

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Likely, we’ve all tried our fair share of “get in shape quick” fads and even more likely, none of them have worked out very well. There are some tips however that really can make a difference on how successful our attempts at improving physical fitness can be. The first one is to ditch the quick fix diets. They may work for a very short time but almost always result in a regain of the weight lost (and possibly even more pounds added). They also play havoc with our metabolism and that is not what we want! Make a plan to get in shape (and lose weight if that is your goal) in a sensible way. Work on becoming an 80/20 eater. That means that eighty percent of the food you eat is healthy and you allow yourself twenty percent for things that you really want even though they may not be the best for you. No one likes to feel deprived. We’ll certainly last longer on a program where we feel we can eat things we like some of the time and are not on such a rigid regiment. Another important tip is to not skimp on sleep. We may not realize how important sleep is to our fitness efforts but it is crucial. It impacts the hormones that control how efficiently we burn fat and maintain muscle mass. Make sure that sufficient sleep is part of your routine or you will be sabotaging your best efforts. Finally, try to maximize your workouts. Instead of doing strictly cardio, try incorporating some strength training in your routine. That way you’ll be burning extra calories and reducing the amount of time you are working out. It’s a win-win situation. These tips may not seem like all that much but by including them in your efforts you are bound to see a significant improvement in your physical fitness.