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What To Look For In A Batting Helmet

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A durable batting helmet is essential in a game of baseball. In amateur games like Little League and pick-up games the balls are all over the place. A lot of injuries occur among young people when they play without the proper gear. Getting hit by a speeding baseball is a very unpleasant and painful experience. It could even be deadly. That is why you need to have a helmet for your maximum protection.

The new design of helmets was the result of a large number of damaging injuries incurred by several professional players. The details of the new design have additional padding and more protection features. Not all the players prefer wearing the new designs of the helmets which they feel are bulky and awkward compromising comfort and style. An exception would be those players who recently incurred injuries. These players will wear these new helmets to safeguard themselves from more injuries that might end their career or even their lives.

This is a wise decision on their part because being hit on the head by a ball traveling 32 miles an hour without any protective gear can result in fractures and other life-threatening injuries. That given speed is just 1/3 of the speed of balls thrown by professionals.

In playing baseball, using a helmet offers adequate protection. Educate yourself with the best features of a durable helmet and consider yourself warned.

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