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What To Look For In A Batting Helmet

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In the game of baseball, the need for a good batting helmet cannot be overstated. In Little League and pick up games among young people, errant balls are common place. Many injuries occur to young people who play without using the proper equipment. Getting hit on any part of the body is not a pleasant experience, however being struck by an object as hard as a baseball which is traveling at a significant speed can be much more than unpleasant. It can be deadly. For this reason, it is essential to find a helmet that has been designed for optimum protection.

Devastating injuries have occurred in the professional leagues that have precipitated the development of a new design in helmets. This new design features additional padding and other protective features. Not all players are thrilled with the prospect of sacrificing comfort and style in favor of wearing the more advanced designs which they feel are too big and awkward looking and feeling. The exception would be those players who have previously sustained injury. For the most part, these players are more than willing to wear the new helmets in an effort to guard against any further injury which might be career ending or even life threatening. This is smart thinking on their part because experts claim that if someone is hit on the head without protection by a ball that is traveling even 32 miles per hour (which is one third the speed of most professionally thrown balls), it will always result in a fracture.

The warnings are quite clear. If you are going to play baseball, get yourself a helmet that will offer adequate protection. Become educated on the elements of a good helmet.

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