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What Type Of Sports Fan Are You?

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Okay, I am a little ashamed to admit it, but I am pretty much a fair-weather type sports fan. I am not proud of that fact, but it is a fairly accurate description non the less. I like my teams to win. I even prefer it when they win by a lot so that I do not have to get so stressed while watching them play. I even prefer a very lop-sided win to a close, but great, game. Although there are others that fall into this type of sports fan category, there are a great many more who are with their teams through thick and thin, lose or win. I really would rather be that type of fan but so far I have not had much luck exercising the kind of self control and dedication that it requires.

So far I have been referring to being a fan of a professional team or perhaps a college team. When it comes to being a fan for my little grandkids, I am much saner and consistent. I cheer for them whether they play great or play crummy. I am always on their side and praise them lavishly after their sporting events conclude. My behavior is almost the complete opposite of
what it is when I watch professional sports. Why is that, I have to wonder?
Maybe it is because when I go to a professional game, no one knows me and I am freer to act like a complete creep than when I am surrounded by family and friends.

One thing I am not, is that type of fan who comes to an arena with a huge flag to wave or a loud horn to blow who disturbs everyone around them. That type of fan may be even worse than a fair weather fan, do you think? I certainly hate to find myself seated anywhere close to one of “those types”.
Another type of fan that I abhor is the “gutter mouth fun”. This fan likes to yell but cannot complete even one small sentence without some vulgarity attached. It is extremely uncomfortable to be in the vicinity of that type of fan. They are usually so self-absorbed and oblivious to others around them that they use disgusting language in the presence of young children as well as other adults. They are the worst.

It is a lot of fun to be a sports fan but to make it fun for the other sports fans that may be seated nearby, it would be ideal to be a enthusiastic yet polite fan
whose main purpose is not to call attention to themselves but to the game that is being played.

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