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What Type Of Sports Fan Are You?

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I have to admit, I am on the side of a fair-weather type of sports fan. It is a truth that I am not that well pleased with it, but I do admit that it is the appropriate description in my case. Nonetheless, I do like my teams to win. I also like my preferredteams to win big, a lop-sided victory over close games, especially at the start so that I will not get so stressed while watching them play. I admit that some people are thrilled to watch close games and they belong to another type of sports fan. Of course, there are different types of sports fan and I am not of those who belong to such fans club.

At the moment, I am referring to being a fan of a professional sports team or perhaps an amateur team such as those in collegiate team. Of course, me being a fan will change when it comes to my kids. I will be on their side no matter what and will throw all my support from start to end of the game and even during practices. But when it comes to professional sports, I do not have that kind of tenacity as a fan. I wonder why that is the case for me.

One reason I can think of is the fact that I am free to act while watching a professional sport game since no one knows me there personally.

One thing is for sure, I am a fan and not an avid follower in which I bring along signage or flags to cheer my team while they play. I do think that that type of sports fan may be even worse than a fair weather fan. I would not want to be seated with those kind of sports fan.

Aside from the avid follower kind of fan, another type of sports fan that I loathe is the “gutter mouth fun”. This kind of fan will to yell to show support; however, they will most likely yell cursing words to distract or disturb the opponents. You will find it uncomfortable to be in the surrounding area of that type of fan. You will surely notice how they are self-absorbed and insensible to other fans around them. They are the worst, for me at the least.

Watching any professional or amateur sports is a lot of fun as well as being a sports fan; however, make sure that you exercise respect and politeness and not make fun of other people watching the game

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