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What We Learned From The Olympics

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The closing of the 2014 Winter Olympics hosted by Sochi, Russia took place last week. After over two weeks of grueling physical contests and the eyes of millions of people across the globe trained on this spectacle what is it that has been derived from these games? Success was enjoyed by athletes from a variety of nations who sent their best to compete. Defeat was also experienced by many nations whose representatives fell short of their own and their countries expectations.
We learned the abilities of well trained athletes to withstand adverse conditions of weather and still perform extraordinarily. We saw wonderful examples of camaraderie between teammates and warm expressions of appreciation between athletes. We witnessed excellence in the ice rink and on the snow covered hillsides. We thrilled with the daring maneuvers of snowboarders and the precision of the ice dancers. Our hearts melted at some of the stories of the struggles these athletes had waged and overcome in order to participate. We were reminded that the human spirit is a powerful thing. Yes, we watched, we enjoyed and we learned during these amazing Olympics.